Thursday, July 31, 2008


July is behind us and we look forward to August. Since school is around the corner, we will tell you about some thing that could improve your child's learning ability and education in general. It's great for adults too. We have and deliver many books and courses on study, grammar and how to use a dictionary. All will be talked about this month but don't wait for it to show up here! Stop in the Mission and check out the books.

The Scientology Video Channel has been updated as it will be periodically. Among the new things are 12 new PSA's on drugs. Check out what's else is new and even the other thing that are there.

The Mission of Seattle is hiring and would love to have you work for us. Having a sense of duty and personal conviction are among the highest of human virtues. There are lots of people waiting for thing to happen and very few making things happen for the better. Be one of the very few by helping us. You can get more information by e-mailing us of calling us.

Have a great weekend.

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