Sunday, July 20, 2008

What is your true strength?

Think of this scenario. You are a kid in school and you're pretty bright. Every time the teacher asks a question and when the rest of the kids don't have an answer, you do. The other kids start making fun of you so not get teased anymore, you "play dumb" and don't answer as many questions.

Or this one: You are a runner and you know all of the runners at a particular are better than you. So you fake an injury and not participate.

There are a million such scenarios like the above and all are doing the same thing,
Making yourself and your abilities smaller than they actually are !

Never disparage yourself or minimize your strength or power is Code of Honor point #4. Unfortunately, the society in a way advocates people or groups who minimizes their strength and power. The main way is by using labels. "At Risk Kids", "Battered Women", "ADD or ADHD", "Minorities" "Disabled" and a host of others serve that purpose. And they are not needed.

The truth is there isn't a person around that couldn't rise up and increase their abilities to some degree. It takes Knowledge, Responsibility and Control. Try it !

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