Friday, September 12, 2008

This Weekend Events

This Saturday is the day we celebrate the most valuable beings on earth in Seattle. The Auditor's Day event will be held at Shoreline Community College. Contact us for time and directions.

Have you ever been to a Scientology Sunday Service? Come to our Sunday Service held each week at the Seattle Org.

This week the sermon is “Confront”.
“People often don’t know how to get any further along in life. They know they cannot make any improvement in life, that it is impossible to be any better at all. But using this datum, one could easily demonstrate, even to a whole group, that it is possible to get better.”

“Most people stop giving advice because the advice they give is never followed. But if one followed the rules laid out here he would be a successful advisor.”– L. Ron Hubbard

Learn the exact 4 steps you can take to help a friend or family member with any problem!

Your Minister will be the Rev. Bob Hamilton and it starts at 11AM. Location is 601 Aurora Ave N.

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