Sunday, October 26, 2008

Self Determinism & Honor

It's been a couple of months since we last talked about the Code of Honor and I want to pick it up from there.

So far the codes we have gone over are:

1) Never desert a comrade in need, in danger or in trouble.

2) Never withdraw allegiance once granted.

3) Never desert a group to which you owe your support.

4) Never disparage yourself or minimize your strength or power

5) Never need praise, approval or sympathy.

6) Never compromise with your own reality.

7) Never permit your affinity to be alloyed.

8) Do not give or receive communication unless you yourself desire it.

That brings us to the next one; Your self-determinism and your honor are more important than your immediate life. While this could be seen easily when talking about a Fireman or woman, a Police Officer or someone in the military, it's not so when talking about everyday life.

Find out what you think is honorable and how does it align with the greatest good for everyone and use your self determinism to achieve it is one suggestion. This is not an easy one and takes some time to make it work for you!

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