Sunday, November 23, 2008

Want To Be Well-Liked?

Most, of course, would say yes. But do you know that some of the toughest, most dedicated and most successful people and organizations in the world are hated, despised and even attacked by "The People"? Yet, they continue to product great products.

It is safe to say that the above, if they want to be liked, don't desire it. That leads us to point #13 of the code of honor: Don't desire to be like or admired.

Some people go out of their way to have the press, public, etc... want to like them. Others do the opposite to not like them. Both are foolish. If you do good things that does the greatest good for every one involved (heard that one before?), for certain you will have people that won't like you but you will have many more that will like you and admire you to boot because you are doing something that helps them. The thing may be is that they don't have a speaking platform to tell you so and the others do but be assured they are out there.

So here is the the answer to the question Want To Be Well-Liked? Don't desire it!

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