Monday, December 1, 2008


December is upon us and it symbolizes many things. Among them is the beginning of the holiday season and also the end of the current year.

The holiday season is fun for some, depressing and stressful for others. It really doesn't have to be the latter. You can decide and create how you want it to be for you. Not saying it will be easy but it can be done. Go out and see some live events: plays, music etc... . That is much better than sitting around and watching TV or doing nothing. Have fun this season.

December is also great from the standpoint of if your year went well, it gives you the momentum to do event better next year. And if your year wasn't as great as you wished, you can end cycle and start off fresh.

Another way to build your morale and feel good this season is to help others. You can send Christmas or Holiday cards to the troops, help at your local food bank or other helpful organization. You can call our church also to volunteer your help.

There are no shortage of things you can do this season. Have fun!

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