Monday, December 8, 2008

Learn about the economic crisis

“This seminar gave me data I have never seen before but that is totally vital to understanding life on planet Earth. The reality of our economic system is totally different than I had envisioned it. This seminar lays out the data simply so that what would normally be an unconfrontable subject becomes clear and easily understood. Unless you have done quite a bit of study into this area on your own, you should prepare yourself for one hell of a shock as you find out what is really going on.”

The Crisis!
A special seminar

Tuesday, 9 December 7 PM
Mission of Seattle
$5 Admission
Presented by Mark Arnold

The ongoing banking and credit crisis is destroying our economy and threatening our freedoms. If we are to handle it we must understand it. You will learn the exact causes of this debacle as well as how bad it potentially really is. This seminar features new information not included in the Bailout Series. You are personally invited to attend. Seating is limited.

Bring Your Confront!

This is not a seminar for the meek!

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