Monday, December 29, 2008

Where to find out more about Dianetics and Scientology

We received a comment on where to get more information on Dianetics and Scientology. There are several places you can. Here are a few.

At your local Church of Scientology: They have the books and lectures or other information for you to obtain that will tell you more about both subjects. Of course you are invited you visit our location

On Line: There are lots of sites out there. Not going to name them all but if you look at the links on this blog, you can find where to get more information.

At your local library: As was mentioned a few months back, we have been on a project to get the basic Dianetics and Scientology book into every local library.

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Grahame said...

I also answer questions about Scientology on my blog: My Scientology Blog and you can see many other blogs by Scientologists here: Scientology Blogosphere