Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Day 2009

Happy New Year from the Mission of Seattle. We will be open our normal weekday hours today so if you have never visited our church, stop in. All other Churches of Scientology should be open their normal hours but you can contact them to make sure.

We had our New Years Event last night and there are lots of exciting things in store for the expansion of Scientology in 2009. That event will be out in video soon and you will be able to view it at your local church. You will see the impact of scientology on a global scale and not just in your local area. Make sure you watch it.

Speaking of expansion, The Church of Scientology, Washington State will move into their new quarters this year. That means more production and also more help needed. We would like you to give us a hand in expanding scientology in Seattle.
And you, being in one of the most literate cities in the US, are more than capable of helping out. Call any of the churches around to get more info.

In Monday's post, we mentioned some places to get more information on Scientology. Thanks to Grahame for commenting on a couple of other sources. He has a blog "My Scientology Blog" in which he will answer your questions on Scientology. There are also other scientologists who write blogs and most can be found in The Scientology Blogosphere. These are from people not only in the US but from various places around the world. Check them out.

Wishing you a successful and prosperous 2009.

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