Monday, January 19, 2009

The True Potential of a Being

Scientology 8-8008
The complete description of the behavior and potentials of a thetan, and textbook for The Philadelphia Doctorate Course Lectures and The Factors: Admiration & the Renaissance of Beingness lectures. 8-8008 is not just another number, but serves to fix into the mind of the individual a route by which he can rehabilitate himself, his ethics and his goals.

The Philadelphia Doctorate Course
This renowned series stands as the largest single body of work on the anatomy, behavior and potentials of the spirit of Man ever assembled, providing the very fundamentals which underlie the route to Operating Thetan.The Factors: Admiration & The Renaissance of Beingness
With the potentials of a thetan fully established came a look outward resulting in Ron’s monumental discovery of a universal solvent and the basic laws of the theta universe—laws quite literally senior to anything: The Factors: Summation of the Considerations of the Human Spirit and Material Universe.

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