Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Congresses

When it comes to “being there with Ron,” there is nothing closer than hearing his Congress Lectures—and that is precisely what LRH intended when he first presented them. For well in excess of his training lectures to auditors, in the course of daily instruction, Congresses were a much rarer affair—every one an event in itself!

Typically held twice a year, most often in London and Washington, DC—yet also in such diverse locales as Phoenix, Melbourne and Johannesburg—Congresses were attended by those from all over the world: auditors and preclears, Scientologists new and old, and even their non-Scientologist friends—everyone was welcome.

And what they heard were Ron’s announcements of the latest breakthroughs and developments—each one opening a new gate to personal freedom and ability, placing the next major block in building The Bridge we have today.
First International Congress of Dianeticists and Scientologists

Here are the follies of a society that thinks of solutions to problems rather than looking at problems. And here are real solutions to raise Man above thinking: from the ability to pervade, to the way to extend anchor points and make space; from how to replenish energy at will, to how to assume a vital role in a universe of action

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