Monday, July 27, 2009

The Miracles Of Dianetics


My son has had nightmares since he was two or three years old. They were very traumatizing and he would often wake up in terror, his heart racing, shivering and he would be crying in pain that there was something in his chest. He also has had bad asthma since he was born and was never able to take a deep breath without strain.

My husband and I tried everything to help him with these things, vitamins, doctors, books, everything but to no avail. As he got older, the nightmares lessened slightly but were still there, he would even tell me that he didn't want to talk about them as they made his shoulder hurt. We dealt with them as best we could and I would have him sleep in our room but the nightmares still happened two or three times a week. When he hit 9 years he told me that these nightmares were ruining his life and he would do anything he could to get rid of them. At this point, despite his young age, we decided to get him some auditing with the best auditor around, this helped him for sure but the nightmares never quite went away.

I had been a trained Dianetics Auditor from before, so when we went to the Maiden Voyage event and saw the new Dianetics How-to DVD my husband and I were excited to say the least, but to my surprise my now 10 year old son became very interested in this too and wanted to watch it right away. We watched the first section of the DVD and he was riveted to the screen and was listening intently. After we finished he looked at me and blurted out that he remembered his past life and that he was in a war and he remembered the name he had. I was completely surprised and of course acknowledged him.

Later on that night we were on the Internet together and he wanted to search out this name. I started to type it when he corrected me, telling me that I spelled it wrong and proceeded to tell me the correct spelling. To my surprise the name came up right away in an old newspaper. As he was looking over it something keyed in and he went into a heavy grief charge that I couldn't get him out of. I decided right then to start the Dianetics session and told him to go to the beginning of the incident. Though I had been trained a long time ago the DVD had refreshed my memory of the procedure and gave me the confidence I needed.

He started giving me the exact data of the incident and I was amazed at his detail. He then started shivering (just like in his nightmares) and told me over and over "I can't breathe".
I kept on running the incident, as in the DVD. After some time he recalled an injury he received to his chest and opened his eyes to look at me and said, "Mom that's why I have asthma!" and started laughing and crying at the same time for twenty minutes straight! Then, as he calmed down he carefully took a deep breath, the deepest breath I can ever remember him taking, and looked at me enthusiastically and said in disbelief "Mom, my asthma is gone, my asthma is gone!" He started laughing and crying all over again, I could barely contain the tears myself, and he then pointed to his water streaked face and said in a mature way, "These are tears of joy". I'll never forget that moment.

It has now been almost a week and he has not had his asthma since. He sleeps soundly, without the horrible nightmares, for the first time in his whole life. Amazing! Just today he asked me if we could watch the rest of the DVD as he wants to do the Dianetics Co-Audit Course and audit others on Dianetics. And of course I said yes!

Thank you L. Ron Hubbard for giving my son his life back
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