Friday, April 9, 2010

Using Dianetics

Here are a couple of more stories from people who successfully used Dianetics:

"I believe Dianetics is a way of life we all need to come to reality. Many past experiences determine our decisions in the way we live. We must bring these experiences (good or bad) to become memories only and not reactive basis for our future decisions. We must clear or bring forefront all of our bad experiences. We must be able to understand why we treat ourselves and others the way we live. Dianetics teaches us how to deal with ourselves and our problems. Happy Valentines Day" RM

"I broke through to a place in my childhood where I realized I was very uncomfortable and embarrassed about receiving attention. I also felt the emptiness of not having children to play with and just being able to be a kid. I was very impressed with the facilities, the kindness, consideration and the attentiveness of the staff that worked with my group. Everything was handled very professionally and the snacks and lunches were wonderful." CB

When will you start your adventure?

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