Sunday, August 21, 2011

Recommended Sites For Educational Tools and information

Here are a some sites you can visit for educational tools:

Applied Scholastics International is the top place to train teachers to become better Educators. They also have all the books mentioned earlier, have course materials for teachers. and a home study course you can do.

Youth for Human Rights Is a site that teaches children about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a document written in 1948 that lists out the rights every human being has.

Drug Free World is a site where Teachers, Parents, Kids and Students can get the truth about drugs, from the people who did them.

The Way To Happiness is a site that teaches a non-religious, common-sense guide to living.

Heron Books is a great place to get lesson plans, course materials and other study stuff on specific subjects.

E Learn Aid is an on-line store that has an array of study books, dictionaries and encyclopedias for every student and teacher in several languages. is a great site to get information about our country. You can read the
 Declaration of Independence, The Constitution and other important documents regarding the United States of America.

Teaching For A Change is a blog written by Dr Wendy Ghiora. She gives sane solutions for our education system and how your child can really learn.

 There you have it. Instead of using drugs to get your child (or yourself) through the year, use some of the tools mentioned over the past couple of weeks. You'll be glad you did!

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