Sunday, January 29, 2012

Emotions Seminar This Wednesday!

Do you feel that life is a constant roller coaster of emotions and that you are not as stable as you would like to be?

Have you ever wondered why people do the things they do and how to predict human behavior?

Would you like to get along better with the various personalities around you?

You will get this information and much more at our Emotions Seminar on Wed, Feb 1st @ 6 PM

Predict how other people will
* Handle Relationships
* Deal With Children
* Paraphrase or accurately relay communication

Steve Rodriguez
, having shared this seminar for over 25 years across the country, will introduce the concept of a "fixed" or "chronic" emotion, how to identify "chronic" emotion & ultimately predict choices and life paths.

RSVP by calling us at (206) 542-9108. We are located at 1222 N 185th St, Suite 202. Shoreline WA 98133. This seminar is Free

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ups and Downs in Life

One day up...
the next day down

WHEN YOU SUDDENLY start making mistakes, it is caused by something. When you feel happy and, for no apparent reason, suddenly start feeling down, somebody made this happen. There are specific types of personality—those who wish people well and those who are ill-intentioned.
If you have experienced a roller coaster of emotion or ups and downs in your life, someone around you could be suppressing you—squashing you or trying to make you smaller.
On the Overcoming Ups & Downs in Life Course you will learn:
  • How to distinguish the two types of people—those who try
    to build things up and those who try to tear things down.
  • What to do about people who wish you harm.
  • How to recognize your true friends from those who work against you.
With the know-how to handle the causes behind your misfortunes, you can change your life for the better, make those ups and downs a thing of the past and aspire to your highest goals.
I learned about people in my life who are there to tear me down or build me up. I learned the characteristics of them so now I can see it in people with whom I surround myself This will help me to remove the negative people.” J.S.
“This has been the best experience while studying a course on people and personalities. Human behavior has always interested me and has been one of my favorite studies. This course explained everything that was missing from all the other books I’d read. I understand the how, why, what and when and I can feel free now.” S.P.
“The data in this course helped me understand the condition I was in. As I applied this knowledge, my life began to change almost immediately. I realized how constructive and disastrous people can be and why they may be this way. This helped me to know my true friends and the people I can trust. It helped me to deal with things that I thought I had no control over. I can use this knowledge to improve my life and be successful.” C.F.

Contact Cheri @ (206) 542- 9108 to enroll or e-mail us at

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Help us make a better world.

                          Something can be done about it!

We live in a world of chaos, of doubt, of drugs, of illiteracy…
What is it going to take to change it?

The answer starts with You!

The Church Of Scientology™ Mission of Seattle is accepting
applications from special people who would love having the privilege to work for an organization that is doing something about the situation on this planet.

The work is tough, the pay is awful, but the rewards for a job well done is worth it !

Stop in and fill out an application at: 1222 N 185th St Suite 202 Shoreline, WA 98133
or contact Clive McLean at: Tel: (206) 542-9108. E-mail:

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