Sunday, May 13, 2012

Begin Your Dianetics Adventure


In addition to the How to Use Dianetics DVD, The Complete Dianetics How-to Kit includes a paperback copy of Dianetics and Dianetics Lectures and Demonstrations on compact disc. It further provides instructions for the sequence of study for the book, lectures and DVD. Moreover, and most important, here is the step-by-step guide to begin the adventure of auditing, right at home, on the journey to the glorious state of Clear. In summary, the Complete Dianetics How-to Kit provides everything a person needs to begin auditing anywhere.
The Complete Kit includes:
         How to Use Dianetics DVD
  • Paperback Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health
  • Dianetics Lectures and Demonstrations
  • How to Use Dianetics Film Guide
  • Dianetics Procedure Guide
PRICE: $ 82.13, Tax Included

Order your set by mail :
1222 N 185th St, Suite 202
Shoreline, WA 98133

Or by phone:
(206) 542-9108

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Join Staff at the Seattle Mission

Your Help Is Welcomed.

There is no better time to become a staff member at our Scientology Missions and Organizations than now.

Staff members and volunteers understand that we live in a world of chaos, of doubt, of drugs, of illiteracy, of financial danger and most of all, the loss of honesty and self respect. They also know that they, in a shoulder to shoulder effort, are the ones that can change it.

The Church Of Scientology™ Mission of Seattle are looking for people who want that challenge. You may live in the Seattle area or maybe you thought about moving to a location where Scientology is about to become ideal. Seattle is your place.

Stop in and fill out an application at: 1222 N 185th St, Suite 202. Shoreline, WA 98133 or contact us at:Tel: (206) 542-9108. E-mail: Your sincere help in any capacity is needed and wanted.

Ask for Clive !!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Formulas for Living

L. Ron Hubbard

IF PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS go wrong, what should you do? If you are in debt, how should you handle it? If your job goes sour, how can you straighten it out? There are exact formulas for those situations and any others—precise steps, based on natural laws, that work every time.
Find out how to gain full control of any condition or circumstance. Learn the practical formulas that reverse bad conditions and strengthen good ones.
On the Formulas for Living Course you will learn:
  • The laws that govern your survival and can guarantee a prosperous, happy future.
  • What statistics are and how you use them to gauge the health of any activity and predict what will happen in the future.
  • The Conditions Formulas that guide life—practical steps that can improve any condition.
When you know and apply the data in this course, you can sort out any bad state of affairs and strengthen all positive ones. Your life can rise to newfound heights.
“Formulas for Living is a must-do course for everyone. Past failures had given me a great lack of confidence in my abilities to succeed since I did not know exactly what I had done when I succeeded and what actions caused me to fail. This lack of knowledge had been holding me back from brighter opportunities and greater risks. Now, with the exact steps to take to prevent failure and ensure success I am more confident in my abilities to handle any situation, whether threat of failure or accelerating success. I am ready to dive into life head-on!” E.K.
“This course was so helpful. It gave me a new way to look at life. Number 1, the only true survival is through abundance. I had always looked at life as ‘what I needed to just get by.’ Number 2, these formulas when applied in order, step by step, work every time. I know now that I have the technology to improve any and all areas of my life. No more hiding. No more guessing” V.J.
“This course was very powerful. I was able to learn how to take something from nothing and make it grow to unlimited proportions or take something broken and turn it around or take something that is doing well and make it do better. Who wouldn’t want to know how to do that?” J.P.
Contact us at (206) 542-9108 to start Cost is $50