Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Evil and the Anti-Social Personality

In the past couple of posts, we described what would be considered good or evil and the tone level of the people who would do either. How else could you identify such a person? There are certain traits that these people have. Evil would have more of the traits found in the
Antisocial Personality . People who do good have more of the Social Personality traits. Some have been describing (or trying to describe) what are social and antisocial traits for eons, especially in criminals. Well, you have that information at your disposal in the two links.

In order to tell whether one is truly one or the other, you have to read BOTH social and antisocial traits and the person that has the majority of one or the other is your person.

If every learned and applied the above as well as the information contained in
The Cause of Suppression booklet, a lot of the problems we have in society today would vanish and would not likely happen in the future.

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