Sunday, June 22, 2008

Introduction to the Code of Honor

In November 1954, Dianetics and Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard wrote the Code of Honor.

What is unique about this code is that it is NOT a moral code that can be enforced but it actually a code of luxury.

We have moral codes all over the place. Most of them were taken from experience in that they were committing those acts were more harmful than helpful. Sometimes a code could get passed that should be a luxury code and was turned into a moral code. Years ago (late 1990's, early 2000's) there was an incident I believe here in Washington State, where a child was unfortunately killed and the mother attempted to have a law passed where it would have been MANDATORY that you help a person in danger and it would have been enforceable. That is an example of making a code of luxury into a moral code.

Therefore, it is code that is used by the self determined decision of the person to follow it. To quote Mr. Hubbard's comment on it;

“If you believed man was worthy enough to be granted by you sufficient stature so as to permit you to exercise gladly the Code of Honor, I can guarantee that you would be a happy person. And if you found an occasional miscreant falling away from the best standards you have developed, you yet did not turn away from the rest of man, and if you discovered yourself betrayed by those you were seeking to defend and yet did not then experience a complete reversal of opinion about all your fellow men, there would be no dwindling spiral for you.

“The only difference between paradise on Earth and hell on Earth is whether or not you believe your fellow man worthy of receiving from you the friendship and devotion called for in this Code of Honor.”

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