Monday, September 1, 2008

Start of School!

The school year has started for some or is just around the corner for others. Here are some sites you should visit: is a must to learn about the US Declaration of Independence, The Constitution and other documents that make the US what it is (or what it should be).

Youth for Human Rights teaches children about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. If you never heard of it, well that is one way to keep people uninformed, by not promoting it. Know your global rights by reading the document contained in this site.

The Way to Happiness is a site that teaches successful living from a non-religious viewpoint. The 21 precepts have been documented here on this blog and you can check out the site.

Drug Free World is a site that gives the kids the straight facts on drugs, legal and illegal. Definitely you or your child should check out this site. It may save your child from a lifetime of drug-taking.

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Peace said...

These are all good sites!
Thanks for sharing!