Sunday, March 30, 2008

Governments and Supporting them

Hitler, Stalin, Castro... you can list all the names in recent history that used the power of government to suit their own ends at the expense of the many. Some covertly, some overtly but the results are the same.

Support a Government Designed and Run for All the People is the 10th precept for The Way To Happiness. We as citizens of our particular country have more say so in how our government is run than we think. When it gets too much to take, we either succumb to it and becomes slaves or we go way over to the other end and try to change government through violence. Neither one are very effective in the long run.

There is a middle ground in between where you can take measures to have the government run as they should. One step is to have government taught at earlier ages in schools. There is
The Constitution of the United States which is a great source reference. Not many people have taken the time to read it, even once. Another reference is The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Knowing what your rights are can help ensure you have them.

Next, realize and take notice when a government IS working hard for all its people and support them. People who have other intentions would attack that government and try to weaken them. Our support would help keep then going.

Sometimes change is needed and when warranted, should be done. It should be done through the process set forth in that country. Overthrow is a last resort but in either case we should ensure the government we are electing are not as bad or worse than the one we are replacing.

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