Friday, March 28, 2008

Organizations that help

We have been talking about help and helping others this past week. There are many organizations that time and time again have come to the fore when their help is needed.

The American Red Cross have been the standard on helping for years. Not only do they offered their services in times of disaster, They offer training in CPR, do blood drives and help families.

Amnesty International has been a voice against human rights abuse around the globe for decades.

CCHR has also been a voice against human rights abuses, but more in the field of Mental Health. One of their objectives is to get the field of mental health practicing under the law like every one else. Check out their site.

And of course there is the Scientology Volunteer Ministers. Even though the Volunteer Minister program has been around for years, they really came into their own during the September 11, 2001 attack. Since that time, the "Yellow Shirts" have been at almost every major disaster that has taken place since.

They are more than people that help during disasters. As the name states, they are Ministers. Find out the other services they offer.

There are just a few of many that really help others. They deserve your support and your help.

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