Monday, January 5, 2009

The Problems Of Work

Having codified the entire subject of Scientology, Mr. Hubbard immediately set out to provide the beginning manual for its application by anyone.

As he described it: life is composed of seven-tenths work, one-tenth familial, one-tenth politicaland one-tenth relaxation . Here, then, is Scientology applied to that seven-tenths of existence.
Among the breakthroughs detailed here include:
* The Anatomy of Confusion- and its cure.
* The "Secret" of Efficency.
*The Anatomy of Control- and how to turn "bad control" to good.
*And the rock bottom cause of Exhauston, with what to do about it.

Here, too, is the analysis of life itself — a game composed of exact rules. Know them and you succeed.Problems of Work contains technology no one can live without, and that can immediately be applied by both the Scientologist and those new to the subject.
Available in Hardcover, paperback and audiobook.

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